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Ingenia Holidays

Heading South for the winter

Ingenia Holiday Parks is a major sponsor of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, with access to TVC placements on free-to-air TV during every Souths game of the NRL season. They asked us to create an advert to fill these spots, marketing their holiday parks on the NSW South Coast where 25% of the parks are located. The goal was to raise winter occupancy at the parks by encouraging footy fans to take a trip down south during the off-peak season. And through this campaign we needed to communicate the variety of destinations and the quality experiences on offer during cooler months, and the value an Ingenia holiday represents.

To do this we took inspiration from the great southern migration taken by birds and animals each year in search of warmer climates, greener pastures, lush environments and an abundant supply of fresh food.   Because, well, that sounded like a sensible plan, and  Sydneysiders should be doing the same!


Our film told the story of a Sydneysider in winter, all rugged up on his sofa slowly, slowly falling asleep to an Attenborough-esque voice narrating a nature documentary that incepts his dream. 

Suddenly, our man is flying to the South Coast, like a migrating bird, nesting an an Ingenia holiday park and  embarking on an adventure-packed weekend, experiencing all the best experiences an Ingenia Holiday Parks South Coast winter getaway can provide.  Only to be abruptly woken and returned to the living room by his wife.


The execution of our idea required us to pack a whole lot of narrative and holiday moments into 30 seconds, not to mention making a man fly…Shooting over two busy days at various locations on the South Coast, we captured everything from stylish shots of the Lake Conjola holiday park and rooms, to setting up an on-site green screen set up for the in-flight shots. We even landed our breaching whale, Meredith — ok, that may have been stock footage!

We were also able to include a host of the Ingenia Holiday Parks team and Rabbitohs players as extras, with further subtle nods to the team provided by a number of crafty wardrobe choices. The result is a somewhat surreal, but definitely memorable ad.

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