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Liqui Moly

The best brand you’ve never heard of

Liqui Moly is a globally recognised and respected premium automotive oil, lubricant and additives brand, with a reputation across the world for the quality, attention to detail, innovation and range of its products. 
Perhaps more than other markets, Its products are perfect for Australian engines due to the realities of driving on Australian roads (you know what we mean ;)) . However, after nine years in Australia, Liqui Moly was still largely unknown, and struggling to connect with a captive motor enthusiast and workshop audience.  We were asked to find out why.


Through a series of roundtable interviews with motoring enthusiasts, mechanics and engineers what we realised was that brand played almost no role in purchase decision making. The products were considered homogenous, boring and functional. People bought what they bought, and never changed, and never investigated the difference between brand to brand. And because you don’t need the product all that often, there was low urgency for purchase.  And yet, this behaviour was at odds with the passionate, detailed conversation about almost every other part of the car or motorbike. By reading through forums and Discord servers, we realised we had an opportunity to reinvent the product category, and introduce storytelling to a product category calling out for it. 


We developed a campaign totally unseen in the category, one that spoke to the identity of being a ‘car person’, one that spoke to the pride of having a passion that demanded pursuit for perfection, and the impact greater detail of knowledge had on the feeling of driving. 

Liqui Moly was for the car people. If you know, you should know. We told this story through the experience of three ‘car people’, creating a film that focused on empowering the community by celebrating enthusiasm. 

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