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AI that changed the world of recruiting

When we first met Sapia they were called PredictiveHire: a brilliant, ambitious business that was using AI to change and improve the recruitment industry by removing bias from the hiring process. After two years of growth, the business was ready to expand into the UK and US markets and needed a rebrand to truly realise its ambitions, and to truly represent the values and personality of the business.

We started in strategy, interviewing key stakeholders across the business, speaking to industry, and conducting a trend and market analysis. We paid particular attention to the reputation and sentiment of AI, both in category and more generally. Recruitment has undergone serious technology disruption over the last 5 years, but AI remains technology still widely misunderstood and considered with fear and scepticism. The robots are coming for our jobs.

And so we needed to find a position that would communicate that AI is not a replacement, but instead a partner and resource that uses data to improve human decision making. We needed a position that inspired, and one that showed that AI has the ability to bring out the best in human intention and intelligence, and unlock capacity and potential. AI has the ability to apply true objectivity to our decisions, and look beyond how someone looks and sounds. With AI we live in a more human world than ever. So that’s what we did. We created a brand strategy based on the proposition of a collaborative intelligence for a fairer world; recruitment with heart.

From this we created the new name: Sapia: connecting humanity and AI. Sapia is that. Homosapien + AI.

And this harmony of human and technology working together informed the brand's visual expression. We needed to create a visual system based on warmth and humanity. We selected a colour palette that balanced tech and innovation, represented by a sleek black, with a softer, heart inspired pink, bringing a softer, more open feel.. The logomark was friendly and direct with an arrow device pointing to the switch of a and i, as well as creating a smiley face. The dot on the I is formed as a speech bubble to evoke conversation. And finally, an organic illustration style, to round out the human touch.

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