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There's a few key principles we
believe in

Brands are their stories

How your business looks, speaks and acts tells a story about who you are, and what you are. Every single element of your brand from your logo to your look and feel, to your values and how you communicate them to your team, to your social media posts and your campaigns, needs to be considered. They are the stories of you. 

The stories your brand tells over time, are just different chapters

Finding consistency in the stories you tell, and in the communication you put out in the world, is really important. Imagine reading a book, and the main character changed their beliefs every chapter, you’d never connect with that character. You’d find them frustrating. This is true of your brand. You are your stories.  Being accountable to the stories of your past creates the basis for loyalty and community. This means starting with a strong brand foundation and understanding what makes you, you, and building your stories from there. 

Tell interesting stories, tell good ones

There is no such thing as a boring business, just boring agencies. Each business is interesting in its own way and has a role to play in its customers lives and the world it lives in. We can help here. We are experts in finding the excitement, because we believe brands are part of making our day-to-day lives better. 

What to expect working with us 

No fancy office

We don't have a fancy office in a central location with a dusty ping pong table. This means we’re not passing this cost on to you. Instead, we come to see you, meet you in one of our shared spaces, or Zoom (it’s 2023). We want to build relationships all over Australia without being tied down to one place. 

Expect brilliance (no actually)

We believe in excellence. We hold ourselves accountable to this. We love what we do too much. We’re a small team led by two experienced, senior, award winning people. This means every single piece of work is overseen or created by us. 

We don’t do pretence

We like people to be relaxed and comfortable when working with us because we've found that's when we get the best out of people. It also makes work much more enjoyable. We’re not big into ‘egos’, or ‘presenteeism’, we like to work with nice people, who are good at what they do, because we’re nice and good at what we do.

Say it how it is

This works in in multiple ways. We will never pander to what we think you want to hear. That just isn’t conducive to excellent work. We will be open and honest with you about the jobs to be done. We won’t do typical agency things like tell you our team is “much bigger” than it is. We don’t hide  markups. There’s no “extra fees”. Just great work. 

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