This is the story of true disruption

Bare is a disruptor in the truest sense of the word. Started in 2019, following personal losses of their own and experiencing an industry that was opaque, complicated and unnecessarily expensive, Bare founders Sam & Cale, set out to disrupt the funeral industry. And so, they quit their jobs, and set out changing one of the world’s oldest industries. They started with the premise to make funerals simpler and cheaper. They introduced technology to allow people to arrange a funeral with greater information, knowledge, and transparency in the process. And despite backlash from the industry, it resonated with Australian families. Since, Bare has helped 30,000+ families say goodbye to loved ones.

The most Bare advert ever

Born was engaged to help bring Bare to a wider audience, and was given the chance to help develop their first ever TVC and OOH campaign. Working closely with Bare, we learned from research conducted amongst their customers (predominantly women over the age of 55) that the original mission of Sam and Cale remained as relevant and important as ever. Sam and Cale’s passion for change, for more fairness and openness, remained their key point of difference. And so we built our campaign around this and developed the Most Bare Advert Ever.

A different way to funeral

Bare was special because it was completely different to traditional funeral services, and in developing our campaign, we rejected every traditional funeral ad trope. No flowers. No white doves. No fake sad procession. Just Sam and Cale talking directly to camera explaining why Bare was different, and what they believed. The campaign was designed to relate to their Boomer audience, a generation who often resonate with narratives that include themes of resilience, perseverance, and authenticity. The underdog story that Boomers would relate too. What followed was two versions of a 60 second ad with two 30 second cut downs with indie production company Last Humans, as well as a national print campaign. The print ads featured in publications like The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail and the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Other work

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