A story about weird things happening.

Butter Insurance is an insurance company made for today. A brilliant, modern, progressive business that had identified that traditional insurance companies were irrelevant in the lives of younger consumers. Their products are ill suited to the insurance needs that most of us have - we basically only need insurance for our phones, laptops, AirPods, gaming products and specific sentimental items that we hold dear. In today’s high-low society, traditional insurance no longer worked. We were engaged by Butter to develop and launch their first ever out-of-home and digital-out-of-home campaign; a campaign designed to establish a new conversation and tone within insurance; a campaign to create a new conversational context for insurance.

Get covered with Butter

In developing the campaign, we realised that the products we really care about (phones etc.) we have with us all the time, like ALL the time. And because of this, everyday, weird things happen to people. And if you’re aren’t prepared for the weird stuff, then it can be really frustrating. Especially when the weird stuff sets you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So through this campaign, we highlighted just that: that weird stuff happens everyday, and to help you need be covered with Butter. Which sounded weird. Which we liked.

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