A renaissance in how we work and live

This is the story about a business with ambitions to transform how we work, how we interact and how we spend our time. But when we were selected to work with Florence Guild, it wasn’t called Florence Guild, it was called Work Club. Work Club is the brainchild of Soren Trampedach, a visionary leader, who had spent the last 15 years building premium workspaces in Australia. Beautiful, thought through workspaces. And as part of these workspaces, Soren had added hatted restaurants, world class cafes and bars, a high end speaker and events series, a concierge service for multi storey buildings. And each of these additional businesses was only ever with the intention of improving the experience we had everyday coming to work. So when you walk in the building you are warmly greeted, can grab a perfect coffee, be productive in the amazing office space, grab a delicious dinner after work, and enjoy a well earned cocktail. But as the business had grown, and each of the businesses developed to serve Work Club had grown, it had become more and more difficult to understand the central thread of all these businesses. And so we were hired to help deliver a new Work Club narrative and brand strategy that would make sense of it.

A cohesive brand architecture

We embarked on a brand strategy process of research and discovery, immersion, materials audit stakeholder interviews and quantitative and qualitative research - and the output of this was that the main issue was an issue of brand architecture. And what we realised from our initial work was that each brand was coordinated by Soren's fascination by the Renaissance, and its principles of openness, connectedness, and diversity of thought. And these principles were the constant through line in every business.
And so we recommend a new brand architecture, positioning Florence Guild as the new master brand that coordinated all brand underneath it. And Florence Guild existed as a company to curate spaces and experiences that are inspiring a renaissance in how we live, work and connect. With this brand strategy and architecture defined, we moved in to visual and verbal branding, working with key stakeholders to create a centralised brand identity that touched every single business within the brand architecture.

Other work

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