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G'day Parks


The story of the largest holiday parks network Australia

We started work with G’day Parks earlier this year, working with them to redraft and rebrand their B2B communication and sales material. And we loved it! G’day Parks has so much personality, and such a brilliant offer, that we were able to bring their communication to life in a way that felt less ‘B2B’ and more real, honest, open, fun and very G’day Parks. And from here, the relationship has continued to grow, and this year we were so proud to be asked to work on their mid-funnel assets ahead of their busiest time of year, summer.

Understanding the ‘middle of the funnel’

As a creative agency, we are used to working at the ‘top of the funnel’ - creating campaigns and assets that inspire an emotion and a feeling, and deliver brand equity, and create brand salience. ‘Middle of the funnel’ presents an entirely different creative challenge. It is more focused, more rational. Ultimately the responsibility of these assets is to engage and educate, and communicate the clear value proposition of  brand or service…but without losing the creative edge. Our solution? Keep it really simple. Keep true to the essence of the brand. And keep the factors of decision making front and centre. And so, for G’day Parks we needed to communicate choice. Both size of choice (no one has more holiday parks to choose from), and choice of selection (that G’day Parks has a park that suits any holiday need).

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