A radical rethinking of recruitment

This is the story of a business that had spotted something no one else had. Formerly Bamboo Consulting, Maveri had, as Bamboo Consulting, built its reputation by helping businesses understand the relationship between people and growth. Maveri had created an entirely new value proposition within ‘recruitment’ that amalgamated aspects of traditional recruitment with management and technical consultancy, talent pipeline planning and business mentoring into one offering. Because what Maveri had spotted that no one else had was that: recruitment is operating as a reactive, short term, quick need, fulfilment process, when in fact, it should be elevated to an organisational level. Maveri believed that ‘recruitment’, when thought about in bigger terms, has a much more significant role to play in helping businesses grow.

Changing the name

The name change was then simple. Maveri represents a maverick spirit, while everything they do starts and ending with individuals, or ‘i’. Maveri was born. Central to our design rationale were the evolution orbs: symbols of Maveri's journey and philosophy. The semi-translucent orb embodied transparency, reflecting Maveri's commitment to openness and clarity in the recruitment process. The gradient orb represented transformation—a visual metaphor for Maveri's innovative approach to recruitment. Finally, the full orb signified fulfilment, symbolising the realisation of Maveri's vision: the right people, in the right roles, contributing to the right culture and economic prosperity.

Other work

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