The story of cabins in nature

We approached Unyoked as customers and fans. Actually, as much more than fans: as loyalists, and advocates. And we approached Unyoked with an idea, an idea to bring greater awareness to the brand as more than a cabin company - because the brand is more than a cabin company, it is more than accommodation, it is something else altogether. And we’re not just saying this because we’re writing a case study; if you have ever stayed in an Unyoked, you’ll know what we mean. If you’ve ever stayed in an Unyoked you’ll know how it feels to arrive at the cabin, and to see it come into view as you walk towards it. You’ll know what it feels like to feel free, and unwound, and safe and calm. You’ll know what the power of nature does for the mind and the body. You’ll know that you leave Unyoked with a greater sense of perspective on the world. And so we told them this. And it turns out, they had been thinking the same thing. And this kickstarted a three month engagement where we were tasked with helping reposition the brand as more than a cabin company, but a global nature company.

Developing the Unyoked story

We started by getting to know the founders, understanding their vision for the brand beyond the cabins. We spent time auditing the brand as it currently stood. We spent time thinking about changing attitudes towards time, free time, work, flexible working, mental health, physical health, digital nature, rain sounds, fires on TV, forest bathing, freedom, identity, performative identity, and the nature of us, as individuals. And what we discovered was that Unyoked was special, not because it provided great accommodation, but because it had created the conditions for us to spend time in nature, undistracted. What we discovered was that Unyoked wasn’t a cabin company. At all.It was a company that exists to connect human nature with the nature it needs.Because we all need nature. It's in our nature to need nature. And with this positioning, we were able to create social adverts, and build brand collateral around this proposition. We were able to give definition to the name ‘Unyoked’, and give the word greater agency. By being a nature company that existed to connect human nature with the nature it needs, we were able to encourage people to Be Unyoked. It was no longer a brand name, but a concept they would champion at every turn.

Other work

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